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How to Write for The Stewardship Report

The Stewardship Report is a platform for Connecting Goodness that is broken down into four sections – World, Editorial, Issues, Culture & Lifestyle – and many sub-sections (Asia, Eyewitness, Profiles, Viewpoint, Women, Education, Health, Arts, etc.).  Writers post their original stories with original images (or images with permission) onto a cloud where editors can conform [...]

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Jim Luce on Roosevelt Island

Jim Luce has called Roosevelt Island home since 1999.  Floating between the Upper East Side and Queens, running parallel from the United Nations to Gracie Mansion, the island has been an ideal location to raise a son.  Jim served on the local residents’ association for five years and as president of the local Toastmaster’s chapter [...]

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Stories in Indonesian

Evil di Amerika: Kelompok Fundamentalis U.S. untuk Burn Quran pada 9 / 11 Tweet

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Stories in German

xxx Tweet

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Stories in Japanese

ニューヨークの日本人ホリスティックヒーラーによるヒマラヤ、チベット孤児達の為の学校建設計画 Tweet

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Jim Luce on Fundamentalists Anonymous (1985-1990)

Fundamentalists Anonymous: An Introduction to Our Work Fundamentalists Anonymous: Common Problems of Ex-Fundamentalists Fundamentalists Anonymous: Fundamentalism and Religious Cults Fundamentalists Anonymous: The Fundamentalist Experience and Addiction Fundamentalists Anonymous: T.O.A.S.T. – There Is A Way Out Fundamentalists Anonymous: Ex-Fundamentalists, Are You Really Out? Fundamentalists Anonymous: For the Family of Fundamentalists Remembering My Battle Against Fundamentalists I [...]

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Jim Luce: Favorite Essays

Jim Luce has written more than 500 stories in the past four years.  His favorite personal essays are below in alpha order: Essay: Busy Lives Crossing in Busy Airports Fifty Lessons Learned from Decade in International Development First One Orphan, Then Many More (New York Times) Fleeing the Mob up a Haitian Mountain (BBC) Essay: [...]

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Jim Luce: Rememberings

Jim Luce has written a series of stories where he reflects on his memories: Eye Witness: Growing Up Internationally – in Ohio Helping Form Gay & Lesbian Support Group in Ohio in 1980 Henry Stokes, Quaker Volunteer Medic in Caves of Yenan Leila Hadley Luce: The Last of the Great Luces? (1928 – 2009) Notes [...]

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U.N.: ‘Significant Breakthrough’ in HIV Prevention

Liberia Lifts Ebola Curfew, Opens Borders

Honoring Women of the Civil Rights Movement, Past and Present

Young Playwright’s Works Explore Race, Identity in America

Concerns Grow Over Hong Kong Censorship

Primer on U.S. Presidents: From Washington to Obama