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VIPs Share Secrets of Success at Entrepreneurship Summit

New York, N.Y.  Hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world have gathered in California for their chance at access to important policymakers, investors and people who have already accomplished on grand scales what they are trying to do. President Obama in his message to entrepreneurs at the GES 2016 Photo: 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit / Facebook […]

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In wake of Brexit, UN to continue to work with both UK and EU

New York, N.Y. Following the vote in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today that the UN looks forward to continuing to work with both “important partners.” European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Photo: Carmen Cuesta Roca “The Secretary-General expects the European Union to continue to be a […]

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Super Antibody Offers Potential HIV Treatment, Cure, Scientists Say

New York, N.Y. Scientists have isolated potent HIV antibodies — immune system fighter proteins targeted specifically against the virus — that have implications for the prevention and even destruction of the virus that causes AIDS. A doctor draws blood to check for HIV/AIDS. Picture: Richard Chambers, Wikipedia. The powerful, broadly neutralizing antibodies are produced by an […]

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Study: ‘Love Hormone’ Gene Key to Better Relationships

New York, N.Y. The activity of a certain gene could determine how social you are and how well you bond with others. The ‘Love Hormone’ gene could determine how social you are and how well you bond with others. Picture: Unsplash, Pixabay. The OXT gene is responsible for the generation of a substance called oxytocin, […]

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Myanmar Migrants in Thailand Rush Police, Greet Suu Kyi

Bangkok, Thailand. Thousands of Myanmar migrants, eager to get a glimpse of Aung San Suu Kyi, overwhelmed police in a Thai coastal fishing center Thursday afternoon.                                                                                                             Aung San Suu Kyi. Photo:Htoo Tay Zar.            The Myanmar state counselor and foreign minister, on her first official visit to Thailand since her government was […]

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The Quiet Genius and Second Life of Roy Eaton

New York, N.Y. As I wrote earlier in The Roosevelt Island Daily, my neighbor in our small New York City community, Roy Eaton, has been called “the Jackie Robinson of advertising.” But he’s now on a quieter, more impressive journey. Tweet

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Cities Form World’s Largest Alliance to Fight Climate Change

New York, N.Y. Cities on six continents have formed the world’s largest alliance to combat climate change, a move intended to help make ground-level changes to slow global warming. United Nations Climate Change Conference. Photo: U.S. Department of State, Wikipedia. More than 7,100 cities in 119 countries on Wednesday formed the Global Covenant of Mayors […]

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Caribbean Region To Boost Efforts To Prepare For Increased Drought

New York, N.Y. Climate change is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of droughts in the Caribbean, so countries in the region must enhance their capabilities to deal with this and other extreme weather-related challenges to ensure food security and hunger eradication, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said in a […]

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Think Nationally, Act Locally

New York, N.Y. We’ve reached the eye of the storm of 2016’s often turbulent, sometimes downright outrageous, and thoroughly unpredictable presidential race. On one side, a billionaire real estate and entertainment magnate is sitting not-so-pretty as the presumptive nominee for a party that has yet to fully accept his proposed methods of making America “great” […]

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Mark Your Calendar: What’s Up In New York City – and Our World

New York, N.Y. The Stewardship Report on Connecting Goodness (website/Facebook), in cooperation with the J. Luce Foundation (website/Facebook), Orphans International Worldwide (website/Facebook), and the New York Global Leaders Lions Club (Facebook), maintains this calendar of events for New York City. All events are open to the public for free/fee and take place in NYC unless otherwise noted. Note that […]

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Problem Solving Stuff for Summer

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Seven ‘Gotta Get’ Summer Gadgets


The Ambrose Hotel Santa Monica Mastering Boutique Hospitality


Via Veneto Santa Monica Dishing Star-Caliber Italian Cuisine


Art Meets Technology, as New Yorkers Meet Refugees

News in Brief 21 June 2016 (AM)