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Refugees Must Not be Turned into ‘Scapegoats’ Following Paris Attacks

New York, N.Y.  The United Nations refugee agency expressed its shock and horror at the attacks in Paris and the killing of so many innocent people and warned against the scapegoating of refugees, in the wake of the deadly attacks. Just over 300 Syrian refugees with passports lining up to board the night ferry from […]

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Mediterranean Migrant Deaths Break Records, Hearts

Geneva, Switzerland.  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that migrant deaths on the Mediterranean Sea routes to Europe are breaking all previous records. IOM confirmed 3,350 fatalities so far this year, surpassing the record-breaking death toll of 3,279 for all of 2014. Deaths off the Greek islands, notably Lesbos and Samos, have surged with […]

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U.N. Human Rights Chief: Czech Republic Should Halt Detention of Migrants, Refugees

New York, N.Y. The top United Nations human rights official today strongly criticized the detention of migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic, drawing attention to the violations of the rights of children among them and to credible reports that authorities are routinely strip-searching migrants to confiscate the $10 a day they are charged for […]

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U.N. Warns Against ‘Toxic Debates,’ Urges Global Compact on Refugees

New York, N.Y. The top protection expert in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) today warned of a growing risk to people fleeing conflict and persecution and called for “an all-out effort to ensure that protection, and in particular the institution of asylum, remains life-saving, non-political, and fundamentally humanitarian.” A […]

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#AidRefugees Campaign Provides Way to Help Those in Need

Washington, D.C. Images of refugees streaming into Europe from conflict-torn countries in recent weeks have deeply moved people around the world, many of them wondering, “How can I help?” Using the hashtag #AidRefugees, the White House calls the campaign “hashtag diplomacy.” In partnership with the U.N. refugee agency, the White House is answering that question: […]

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U.N. Welcomes Expanded E.U. Support to Refugees Fleeing Conflict

New York, N.Y.  The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees today welcomed a decision by the European Union (EU) to increase resources for humanitarian assistance countries neighboring war-ravaged Syria. Two young refugees wait with their parents to go to emergency accommodation in Nickelsdorf, Austria, which is facing an unprecedented arrival of refugees, mainly from Syria, […]

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U.N.: All Nations Must Help Solve Global Refugee Crisis

New York, N.Y. All countries must contribute to solving the global refugee crisis, the President of the United Nations General Assembly said today, underscoring that the international community has an unequivocal obligation towards the women, men and children seeking refuge from conflict and violence. Mostly Syrian refugees crossing a stretch of wasteland between Hungary and […]

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Europe Must Solve Refugee Crisis Now – Children at Risk

New York, N.Y.  In the wake of yesterday’s “mayhem” on the Serbian border with Croatia, which has now closed some of its entry points, and the dramatic situation on the Hungarian border this week, the United Nations is urging a coherent and united response to Europe’s refugee crisis. Syrian man carrying a baby along the […]

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Herba-Lite: Pot for the Middle Aged!

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