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Summer Health & Beauty Boosters

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New York, N.Y. Summer is a great time for a health and beauty reboot, since many of us are far more body conscious during this sizzling season. Below are some wellness boosters you might consider embracing to keep your skin smooth and supple, mitigate the effects of too much fun-in-the-sun, enhance your grocery game and […]

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May: Month to Celebrate Military, Honor Invisible War Injuries

New York, N.Y. May is Military Appreciation Month and Mental Health Month. This makes for the ideal month to celebrate the courage and sacrifice of our service members, veterans, and their families, while focusing on the invisible injuries that many face after 15 years of war. Many come back with home with mental health issues […]

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Five Benefits of Drinking Water Everyday

By Natacha O.E.F Gutierrez, Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef. New York, N.Y. It’s important to restore any water that is lost from your body through sweating, diarrhea, or urination. When you lose moisture or water from your body you are experiencing Dehydration. When you’re dehydrated you may find yourself with sugar cravings, bad […]

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Pet Food Maker Demands U.S. Chickens, Protecting Food Safety

New York, N.Y. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans each eat an average of nearly 92 pounds of chicken per year. That’s a number that has steadily increased over the years, as appetites for chicken increase. The uptick in demand, combined with the search for lower costs, has prompted chicken processors to look outside […]

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Women’s Sexuality: O-Shot Proving to Be a Big Success

New York, N.Y. The O-Shot, which is also known as the Orgasm Shot, is proving to be more than worthwhile for many women who want to improve their sex life and cure their urinary incontinence. To learn more about this shot and how it works, as well as what women are saying about it, continue […]

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Rare Disease Patients Fighting the Isolation Thru Social Media

New York, N.Y. February 29, 2016 is the rarest day of the year. It is Rare Disease Day. Every year Rare Disease Day takes place across the world and brings together anyone affected by a rare disease, patients, their families and caregivers. It also serves to raise awareness of rare diseases among policy makers, industry, […]

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Eleven Key Considerations for Prize-Driven Diet Programs

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What you MUST ponder before partaking in a ‘dieting for dollars’ program Let’s face it, sometimes our love for food and beverages gets the best of us, widening our waistlines beyond that which is comfortable–or healthy. Since research has proven financial incentives and penalties (“carrots and sticks”) to be highly effective in motivating weight loss, […]

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Where Your Cravings Stem From

By Natacha O.E.F Gutierrez, Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef. New York, N.Y.  In order to Deconstruct your craving, you have to understand a craving is a powerful yearning for something that is missing. If you have a nutritional deficiency or emotional imbalance a message is sent from your body that is communicating with […]

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Holistic Health Coach on 5 Simple Rules to Shop for Healthy Food

Experiential Gifts for Grads & Dads at Hilton Anaheim

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