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Five Tips For Staying (Almost) Stress Free During The Holidays

New York, N.Y.  The calendar doesn’t lie and already you may feel the stress starting to build. The holidays are approaching, bringing with them a flurry of must-accomplish tasks such as baking, shopping, entertaining, traveling and dealing with eccentric family members who arrive ready to renew decades-old arguments. Family gathering for the holidays. Photo: Stephanie […]

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Habitat for Humanity Notes Importance of World Toilet Day

New York, N.Y.  The jokes are too easy, the ramifications too deadly. People are dying all over the world from a lack of proper sanitation and hygiene – and access to basic sanitation services. Every year, 1.4 million children, including 200,000 children in India, die from diseases caused by fecal contamination. Habitat for Humanity (LINK) is a […]

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World Health Organization Report Links Meat to Cancer

New York, N.Y. The cancer research arm of the World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that the consumption of processed meats like hotdogs, ham, sausages and meat-based sauces causes colorectal cancer, while eating red meat like beef, pork and lamb is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Red meat on sale at Hamarwayne market in Mogadishu, Somalia. […]

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UNICEF Warns Inadequate Hygiene Endangers Key Development Goal

New York, N.Y. On Handwashing Day, UNICEF warns inadequate hygiene endangers key development goal. More than 40 per cent of health facilities have no water resources within 500 metres in sub-Saharan Africa where the practice of handwashing with soap is dangerously low even though it is “one of the cheapest, simplest, most effective health interventions,” […]

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Stand With Mercy Home Against Stigma of Mental Illness

Chicago, IL.  Mental illness does not discriminate, but sometimes people do. For those who suffer from a mental illness, the stigma that often accompanies it can be a significant barrier to getting professional, potentially life-saving help. Many children turn to Mercy Home for Boys & Girls because their caregivers suffer from undiagnosed or untreated illnesses […]

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WHO Urges Drug Therapy for All HIV+ Patients

Geneva, Switzerland.  The World Health Organization has revised its HIV guidelines to recommend that anyone who tests positive for the virus be given antiretroviral drugs immediately, as part of the U.N. agency’s aim to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030.   The new guideline is a significant departure from the U.N. agency’s current recommendation that […]

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American Heart Assoc. Accused of Link to ‘Pharma Influence’

New York, N.Y.  A UNITE HERE report [available at] has uncovered that the American Heart Association (AHA), its leadership, and authors of its guidelines accept large contributions from the pharmaceutical industry. As volunteers for the organization raise money in Heart Walks across the country, the labor union is calling on the AHA to take […]

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Fighting Stigma for World Suicide Prevention Day

New York, N.Y.  The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are co-sponsoring World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. The theme of this 11th anniversary event is “Stigma: A Major Barrier for Suicide Prevention.” If you are despairing and thinking about suicide, please find crisis centers around the globe […]

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