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More Midwife Training to Tackle Maternity, Child Deaths

New York, N.Y.  Nearly 800 women continue to die every day from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, the United Nations spotlighted as it marked the International Day of the Midwife with a call for greater investment to increase the number of midwives and enhance the quality and reach of their services. Abissdoum Charlotte, 26, with […]

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Sen. Blumenthal Addresses Human Trafficking on Senate Floor

Washington, D.C.  Senior United States Senator Richard Blumenthal urged the Senate floor this week to elect Loretta Elizabeth Lynch, current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, as the next U.S. Attorney General. As the Co-Chair of the Senate Caucus to End Human Trafficking, Senator Blumenthal strongly believes that Mrs. Lynch is […]

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U.N. Kicks off International Women’s Day Celebration, Gender Equality

New York, N.Y.  In India, women carry food. Photo: World Bank/Curt Carnemark6 March 2015 – Despite great strides in the advancement of gender parity, women still lag behind men across an array of critical areas, from political representation and wage inequality to education – a gender gap that the United Nations is once again tackling […]

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In India: Teach Your Sons to Respect Women

Delhi, India.  The recent Delhi rape incident caused many to open their eyes and stand up for women’s rights. Equal treatment of women, women’s safety, women’s dignity and the right to their own bodies represents these rights. Educating boys and men about these rights that every person is a human being and deserves to be […]

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N.Y. Women’s Foundation 25th Anniversary Hosted By Connie Chung

New York, NY. The New York Women’s Foundation® (NYWF), led by President & CEO Ana L. Oliveira, celebrated their milestone 25th Anniversary and honored four, very special philanthropic leaders, Soledad O’Brien and her husband Brad Raymond, and Ginny Day and Sean Day, at their Fall Celebration: Improving the Lives of Women and Families in New […]

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Filmmaker Joni Steele Kimberlin: Get Real Wise Women Speak

By Joni Steele Kimberlin, edited by Jim Luce New York, N.Y.  I want to share with you some things I learned recently as I made a film called Get Real Wise Women Speak –about amazing women in the third stage of their lives, and the inner fire that propels them to use their wisdom and experience to make […]

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A Transcendental Transition from the U.S. Military

By Tara Jones-Wise, edited by Jim Luce. New York, N.Y.  After my active duty service as I, a service-connected gulf war era navy veteran, began my transition stage, I didn’t psychologically see “Me” in society. “Me” a military service woman, underrepresented in political offices and as leaders with fortune 500 businesses.  “Me” a mother with a […]

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At Cipriani: 2012 Women Refugee Voices of Courage

New York, N.Y.  Actress and humanitarian Liv Ullmann kicked off the Women’s Refugee Commission‘s 2012 Voices of Courage Awards luncheon at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City on May 4 with a story about a young boy she met in a refugee camp many years ago. He told her he only cried when it rained so he […]

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